Taccara Rae Has Something to Say: Model, Actor, Activist and Creator of The Blogery

When I walked into the chic Oak + Almond eatery in Norwalk, CT with The Blogery creator Taccara Rae, the hosts looked up and I witnessed what I suspected would be true. Taccara Rae is so strikingly beautiful, she literally shifts the energy of a room. It’s more than her looks - there is something intangible radiating from her - a warmth, a quiet confidence - that is simply magnetic. Meeting Taccara Rae in person for lunch that day felt long overdue. I’d invited her to our Pop Up Preview event in Westport, CT mid-summer, but she was unable to come. Her Instagram account and blog had become a favorite follow as I explored Connecticut influencers who would dovetail nicely with Nice Avocado. We’d direct-messaged, emailed and spoken on the phone before our lunch together. Exiting our cars and approaching each other didn’t feel like a first meeting, but a reunion. Her opinionated online presence could easily manifest in a larger-than-life personality - someone who speaks a little louder than others, who makes an effort to make her presence known - but Taccara Rae doesn’t need to go there. Her demeanor - demure, confident, powerful - is far more effective in compelling people to sit up and listen.

We were seated by our host near a window, and I took out my notebook and pen, which I hardly touched during our conversation. With over 9,000 followers on Instagram, a successful blog, and a recent starring role in a music video by Nigerian Artist and Humanitarian Lamboginny - I was eager to dive into her story. I started my inquiry with the basics, asking her to tell me about the Blogery. She smiled and said “I’ve been really opinionated my whole life, and I love writing. I was so vocal on my social feeds, my friends and family told me I needed to start a blog. So I did! I started the Blogery three years ago - I wanted to create a space to share my point of view. But I’m finding people are not as into reading as much as they want to watch videos these days. It’s hard for me because I love writing, but I’m starting to make more videos to meet that demand on my blog.” Her following spans a wide range of backgrounds and ages. She spoke fondly of an 80-year old Blogery follower who has reached out to support her and encourage her to continue. “I love her,” she said, smiling.

Although The Blogery started out as a somewhat typical blog about general interests (fashion, makeup, food, events), Taccara Rae mentioned early in our conversation that she has recently become more overtly political with her content. I noticed it as the summer progressed and she voiced strong opinions about police brutality, gun violence and other hot topics on the national stage. “I really want to help people. I’ve always been that way. I would give my last dollar to someone in need, and I want to use my platform to do what I can to promote humanitarian causes.” When I ask if she had any fears about speaking out on hot button issues as an influencer, she paused briefly. “I guess I’m afraid I’ll lose followers, but I’ve started to worry about that less. My interest in making an impact has pushed me forward. I probably have lost some followers, but also gained some. Either way I had to take a stand, and let my audience decide for themselves if they want to come along.”

As I’ve become more familiar with Taccara Rae’s presence as an influencer and work as a model, I found myself wondering how she came to be as an individual. I had been following the Instagram account of a unique artist named Vernice, who makes striking portraits of women, and has over 7,000 followers. One day, I saw Taccara Rae’s face pop up in Vernice’s feed, and saw double. “OMG!” I thought. “Mother and daughter. Of course!” Taccara Rae’s profile picture on Instagram is a portrait Vernice created of her. Her upbringing, it turns out, made it pretty unlikely she was going to be a corporate attorney or live a quiet, under-the-radar lifestyle. Artistry, and a code of ethics, are in her DNA. Her father has enjoyed a long career as a working model, who has done countless commercials for major brands like Gillette. “He used to take me along to his shoots when I was a little girl.” she said. “I got my first modeling jobs at a young age as a result.” While her father focused his career in front of the camera, her mother was busy making an impact behind it. She worked as a designer for major fashion houses, and continues making art in a variety of mediums. She also frequently expresses Christian values on her Instagram account. It is clear Taccara Rae’s artistic lean, and her interest in humanitarian causes, is not an accident.

Taccara Rae and her parents. Follow Vernice on Instagram @iamvernice.

Taccara Rae and Lamboginny in the music video for his single "Give Me Love."

The recent debut of the music video for Nigerian artist Lamboginny’s single “Give Me Love” is notable not only because of the beautiful woman it features as his love interest (yup, Taccara Rae), but its lack of profanity and positive messaging. Lamboginny, also known as Yinka Lawanson, is an Afro Dancehall artist whose music is internationally recognized along with his prolific humanitarian work. He’s been publicly praised by the former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, for his efforts in prison reform as well as fundraising for patients affected by Ebola. Taccara Rae was approached by Lamboginny to star in “Give Me Love,” filmed in Weston, CT - and I have to admit it seems divinely inspired. Their work together on the video brought close two like-minded individuals, who are now partnered both professionally and personally. “I’m working with him to see what we can do here in Connecticut to improve upon issues with the prison system,” she said.

It would seem the corner Taccara Rae has turned in her commitment to political and humanitarian activism is just the beginning of what will be a powerful journey in the public eye. We’ll be watching closely as she forges ahead in an effort to make an impact, and cheering her on along the way.

Nice Avocado is all about supporting women with a point of view. We respect and celebrate women of all political affiliations and walks of life. Our core mission is centered on the empowerment of women to own their power, seek adventure, and live their truth.

We see you, Taccara Rae - doing just that!

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