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    Hey! Welcome to Nice Avocado, your sanctuary for quality U.S. Made Clothing for Women who Rule. Nice Avocado is on a mission to empower women through fashion by putting images out into the world that promote the strength, adventurous spirit, and general badass-ness of every woman. We want to encourage women to get out of their daily grind and seek adventure, own their power and awesomeness in the workforce, and all around kick ass. When you land on our site, we want you to take a deep breath and say "Hell Yes."

    So who are we? We're Cricky and Ursula, a pair of childhood pals that grew up together on a small island in the Caribbean called Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. We've been in business together since the 1980s, when every summer we pulled a table out to the side of our dusty street and stacked it with mangoes (4 for a dollar) to make some extra cash for important investments like hamsters, comic books, and candy.

    Nowadays, Cricky lives a location-free lifestyle traveling the planet with her partner Deb, a musician. Cricky is also known as CrickMonster, a designer and publisher of extremely relaxing and delightful grown-up coloring books focused on travel.

    Ursula is a nomadic tech geek and mother of two boys. A lover of adventure, she's lived all over the country, including Oregon, Alaska and Connecticut. Today, she and her pack live once again under the open sky in the Great American West. 

    We've been staying close through social media since we graduated high school a million years ago, but a few years back we randomly bumped into each other at the Clearwater Festival in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. We think it was destiny, and that our childhood buddy love was meant to grow into Nice Avocado!

    As for our name - well, we really like avocados. And being nice. And if we're being honest, there is little in life as delightful as the simple goodness of a Nice Avocado - curvy, healthy, and soft! ;-)

    We want to hear from you - your hopes, dreams, adventures, and requests for new designs!

    We are always on the hunt for badass women to follow on social media for inspiration. If you're one of those, point us to your social handle(s) and let us know if you're interested in doing a product review. 

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    Email us:

    Ursula on Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska. Cricky and Deb in the Azores.