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    It feels good to know where your clothes were made. 

    Nice Avocado is committed to supporting Manufacturing the in the U.S.A. 
    Our clothing manufacturers have kept their operations based right where they started in the USA. Some of our clothes are 100% U.S. Made, and others are mostly U.S. Made. How can you tell? Read the product description - we go out of our way to let you know where your clothes come from.
    100% Made in the USA Items: 
    These items are made in American facilities in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Our print shop is in upstate New York. 
    Mostly Made in the USA Items: 
    If a product is mostly made in the USA, we go into explicit detail in the product description. We detail where the fabric is created, dyed, cut, sewn, printed and fulfilled. 
    We do not work with any manufacturers that engage in unethical manufacturing. You can rest assured your garment is "Sweatshop-Free" and the hands that made it are treated with dignity and respect. 
    As we add new products to our store, you can rest easy that whatever you buy is Made with Love and Supporting Manufacturing in the USA. Check back here for updates on the locations where our new product lines are made as they are released!